out of the blues . . .

When promotion group Blues to Africa flew George Worthmore and his band the Divebombers out from New York City, they got a lot more than they bargained for. The "fifty-ish" rocker turned the Illovo Blues Room into a bash zone of note. Watching him through smoke and whisky fumes that tangle with the sweet strains of his guitar, George sure seems to be savouring the easy life. Until you catch him in the daylight. He's second Dan Karate man with an attitude, which makes boxing the perfect counterpoint to the meditative martial art. Suprisingly agile and quick on his feet, the bobbing and weaving singerjazz singer demonstrates that he can pack a punch in more than one kind of show. He says exercising, meditation and going easy on the red meat makes late night possible.

Article from MEGALIFE, December 1995.
Pictures by Tim Carter (l)
and Ian Davidson (r)