But there’s more to the Johannesburg music scene than teenagers spoilt for choice. There’s also an older audience of Baby Boomers who grew up with psychedelia and the Stones and early Beatles and Eric Burdon and the Animals. Go north and you’re in another world. Tucked away in a small upmarket mall in the financial district of Sandton, near the headquarters of the big banks and opposite the Aston Martin showroom, you’ll find The Blues Room (Village Walk, Corner of Rivonia and Maud streets) a nightclub run by American George Worthmore. George is himself a muso of note, and this very cool venue is a honey pot for the brand-conscious elite of Jo’burg, You’ll see more Prada here than at Carfax and Bassline, and the picky clientele demands not just great music but great food, too. The atmosphere is sophisticated and laid-back, and the music ranges from really good blues through jazz-fusion to plain old rock. The vibe here isn’t raw and edgy and rough, like some of the music you hear at Carfax or Bassline. It’s more about perfection and rendering known classics with respect and virtuoso skill. This is a real professional musician’s venue, where refinement and technique and subtlety of interpretation are paramount. You’ll find music lovers of every color and creed tapping their feet in time to the beat here, an audience that shares both a discerning ear and an appreciation for transcultural brilliance.